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What's New at Talkbaq

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Steve’s boat trip

@steve is doing another boat delivery until some time in August. View the trip blog.

Try Discobot :robot:

@discobot is a bot for Talkbaq that teaches you how to use the site. Try Discobot Now! (login required AND click send)

Name change to Talkbaq

Talkbaq started as the MyGaLaw platform for the Georgia legal community. The site has grown to include other groups that want to connect on a platform. MyGaLaw is still operated by @steve through Combs Ventures, LLC, but the name of the platform will change to Talkbaq.

Weekly email summary

If you don’t visit the site, you can receive a weekly summary email with topics from your groups. There is a link in each email to unsubscribe.

How do groups work?

Users can follow groups to get information, event details, and other content. Some groups are public which allows users to follow/leave groups as they please. Other groups require permission of the group owner. You can follow a group now.

Why do I have to login?

Since the site includes various groups on different topics, logging in is required to better manage what content is displayed to users. In addition, while submissions from users are public within each group, requiring a login prevents search engines from easily indexing content. This approach balances privacy interests with openness. The site also allows you to post anonymously. You can choose to set up an account with a pseudonym, unless any of your groups have a real name policy.

What if I want to delete my account?

  • If you have not posted any content, you can visit your profile and use the delete option (at the bottom of the screen).
  • You can also email support@talkbaq.org to submit your request.
  • For any questions, please contact us.

What problems are we solving?

  • Email is dead. The PDF is dead. Emailing users a PDF is the new fax.
  • Communities provide a platform for long form conversations and searchable knowledgebases.
  • It’s not Facebook. It’s about conversations.

Let’s get started

New Light/Dark Theme

You can now select a light or dark theme. Visit the Interface section of your preferences.

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