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HOWTO: Anonymous Mode


(talkbaq) #1

Talkbaq now supports anonymous mode for your account. You can switch to anonymous mode by clicking the Anonymous icon in your Profile. Use the :no_entry_sign: to switch back.

Anonymous mode


  • The Anonymous feature only works in public categories like #talk
  • You retain your anonymous account username for one week (to allow you to track responses and send/receive messages). After such time, a new anonymous username will be issued if you enter anonymous mode.
  • You must be logged in and have an account.
  • You can switch back and forth from your user account to anonymous mode via your profile.
  • Feel free to try posting anonymous in the #sandbox category


  • All anonymous posts are still subject to the Talkbaq Terms.
  • The anonymous features allows you to post without displaying your user name. Your identity will be kept confidential, subject to the Talkbaq Terms.
  • Users must have a registered account with their full name and valid email address.

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