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FEATURE: Social media logins


(Steve Combs) #1

You can now login and set up your account via social media logins on Google, Twitter, and Facbook. Please note:

  • The purpose of this feature is to provide more convenient and secure login methods.
  • This feature does NOT share your password with this site.
  • This feature will NOT post any content to your social media accounts.
  • To login, your email address associated with the social media MUST match the email address in your MyGaLaw account settings

(Steve Combs) #2

More info on social media logins

Email Requirements

  • You will have to update your email on MyGaLaw to match your email address on the related social media account. You can do that in your MyGaLaw account preferences.

  • If your social media account doesn’t match your official bar address, you may need to take additional steps to access members only content. Contact support with any questions.

Google Apps

  • If you or your organization uses Google Apps with a custom domain, you can still use the Google login method.

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