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What is Talkbaq?

Talkbaq is an online platform for individuals, organizations, and other groups that combines websites, listservs, forums, user profiles, member directories, public/private groups, private messaging, wikis, badges, knowledgebases, intranets, newsletters, polls, mobile, and more. Users can post- and reply-by-email. Users don’t even have to visit the site if they prefer email.

Individuals can join for free

  • You can register and select your own username and password.
  • You can also use Twitter, Facebook, or Google so you won’t need to remember any additional login info. This won’t post any info to or from your social media accounts.

Follow a group

  • Once you register, be sure to follow a group
  • Groups allow you to receive customized news, event info, and other content.
  • Find all the content for your groups in Latest

Groups can sign up and add their members

  • Our pricing is based on the number of your members.
  • Your non-profit might qualify for reduced or no fees.
  • Contact us to get started.

Who can join Talkbaq?

Talkbaq is open to anyone participating in a constructive way.

Why Use Talkbaq?

##Benefits for your group.

  • Ease of administration for group leaders.
  • Information archive for your group.
  • Collaboration among all members.
  • Quickly find subject matter experts and other information.

##Benefits to members

  • Single user account for ALL organizations on Talkbaq.
  • Easy access to info, events, and resources.
  • Network with your peers

##Adding your organization is easy

  • Have a representative contact support to request more info.


  • Talkbaq was founded by @steve

Intention to Action

If we can use technology to shorten the path between intention and action, that excites me.” -Gerry Lopez, AMC Theaters


…standardizing and automating manual processes, improving workflows, improving knowledge-sharing and collaboration, and gaining visibility into the information we have, so that we can leverage the data to make stronger business decisions.” -Mary O’Carroll, Head of Legal Operations, Technology and Strategy, Google, Inc. (article)


It’s super easy to build a small thing for a few people, anybody can do that, for 10,000 people say; it’s much harder to build networks and platforms and systems that work for 10 million people,” said Chris Fabian, who co-leads the innovation unit at the United Nations Children’s Fund and spoke to USA TODAY on the sidelines of the summit. (article)

  • Design with the user
  • Understand the existing ecosystem
  • Design for scale
  • Build for sustainability
  • Be data driven
  • Use open standards, open data, open source and open innovation
  • Reuse and improve
  • Do no harm
  • Be collaborative

Connecting People

  • The knowledge is in the network.
  • People are the resources.
  • Connect people on one platform

Be a platform not a pipeline

Pipeline firms organize their internal labor and resources to create value by optimizing an entire chain of product activities…Platforms create value by facilitating interactions between external producers and consumers.- Pipelines, Platforms, and the New Rules of Strategy (Article)

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